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🔉 Podcast: Importance of Consumer and Market Insights

Uzma Rauf, CEO and founder of Khatanalytics Consulting, joined Thor Olof Philogène in a thought-provoking episode of his company Stravito's “Consumer Insights Podcast".

They delved into a variety of topics, including:

  1. Why insights and answering the “right question” are critical

  2. The need to prioritize customer retention over just acquisition

  3. Where brand loyalty is built & why it’s everyone’s job

  4. Role of the insights function & essential skills they must have

  5. AI applications and dangers

  6. Who Uzma would love to have lunch with!

Watch short video snippets of some of Uzma's key points:

“Ultimately, insights is about answering questions. But are you answering the right ones?”

"Building brand loyalty is a team effort".

But how do you get the whole team on board?

And Listen to the full podcast below

Or on any of the following:

Apple: podcast

Spotify: podcast

Google: podcast

We hope you find interesting and valuable perspectives to leverage as you grow your business!


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