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Tailored Research for 
Transformative Results

Get ahead in the constantly evolving world of consumer behavior with Khatanalytics. With 20+ years empowering Fortune-100 CPG & Technology brands, we specialize in helping you optimize the journeys consumers have with your brand so you build lasting loyalty, with higher ROI and sales.


Based on your specific goals (and budget), we tailor our research techniques to gain a meticulous understanding of your consumers and their critical, decision-making touchpoints. You get insights that not only reveal but also shape your consumers' experiences through high impact strategies. 

Our 3 Levels of Service

We offer progressive levels of insight engagement with our tiered service options. Our goal in every one of these is to support you in successfully achieving your business goals.





Identify untapped learning opportunities through a detailed evaluation of your current research against your goals.


We'll deliver a bespoke, budget-aligned research plan to advance your learning, tied to your goals.


Targeted Insight



Illuminate priority facets of your consumer's journey or evaluate concepts and strategies through targeted research. 


You'll get precise insights to craft sharper, more effective Go-To-Market strategies for specific touchpoints.

Comprehensive Journey Analysis:


Delve into your target consumer's end-to-end journey with our in-depth research, pinpointing critical touchpoints and their strategic impact.


You'll gain transformative insights and strategic cross-functional approaches to boost your ROI, loyalty, and sales.

At Khatanalytics, we don’t just analyze consumer journeys — we help you redefine them, engineering your path toward strong consumer-centric success.

Our Research Solutions

Solutions & Services: List

Beyond mapping your consumer journey, our research suite is designed to sharpen your strategies.


You will improve many aspects of your journey with bespoke analyses—from precise segmentation to product positioning to activating communication. Developed using best practices and real-world acumen, we customize the right mix of qualitative depth and quantitative rigor for your needs.


Discover the support your brand deserves — explore our services below.

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Customer Journey Mapping

For your questions like:

  • Which moments matter most for my product users so I can drive loyalty? (e.g. customer service, product use) 

  • Which touch points influence my category’s shoppers to buy a brand? (e.g. reviews, promotions, sales rep) 

We help understand:

  • Priority Touch Points – Mapping & Performance

  • Consumer Usage & Attitude

  • Shopper Path-To-Purchase 

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Macro Trends, External Factors & Competitive Analysis

For your questions like:

  • Are there any trends or external factors I should focus on? Why and how?  E.g. technology, sustainability, inflation?​

  • Who are my top category competitors? How are they performing and why?

We provide insights on:

  • Macro Trends & Thought Leadership

  • Category & Competitive Landscape

  • Point Of Sale (POS) Performance Tracking

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Brand Building

For your questions like:

  • How is my brand perceived vs competitive?

  • Which brands are my product owners switching to?

  • How can I build my brand health?

We help define:

  • Brand Positioning, Advocacy

  • Brand Health Tracking / NPS

  • Loyalty, Retention & Switching Drivers

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Homework Help

Customer & Market Segmentation

For your questions like:

  • Who should I target for each of my products? (demographic, psychographic, attitudes, etc.)

  • Which Channels & Retailers are the best fit for my products?

We help identify:

  • Segmentation & Targeting - Consumers, Shoppers, Channel/Retailers

  • Consumer & Owner Profiles

  • Retailer & Shopper Profiles


Digital Marketing Evaluation

For your questions like:

  • How is my website & App User Experience vs my competitors?

  • How should I improve my Social Media engagements?

We help understand:

  • Website & App User Experience (UX/UI)

  • Social Media Opportunities

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Product Positioning & Innovation

For your questions like:

  • Which are my new product’s top features that appeal to my target buyer that I should talk about? (e.g., color, design)

  • How should I position my product portfolio by channel?

We bring insights for:

  • Innovation Launch Planning & Evaluation

  • Product Feature Preference: Design, Color, Ease of Use, etc.

  • Portfolio Positioning

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Marketing Mix Evaluation

For your questions like:

  • What are the most effective ways to communicate my brand/portfolio?

  • Are my channels aligned on TV, online and instore communications?

  • Do they appeal and move shoppers down the purchase funnel to buy?

  • What type of promotion works best?

We help optimize:

  • Communication & Messaging (TV / Digital / Retail POS, Etc.)

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Promotion Offers

  • Product Assortment

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Omni-Channel Retail

For your questions like:

  • How can I improve my website experience vs competitive across purchase funnel?

  • Is my merchandising in the best place in store and intercepting shoppers to buy?

  • How can I best sell in my products and influence retailers shelf set?

We provide learnings on:

  • Retailer Trip Missions

  • Retail & Merchandising Design

  • Point of Sale (POS) Communications

  • Retailer basket, conversion, share of wallet

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