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Consumer Experience Journeys

Why CEJs matter and how to use them

Do you know how consumers perceive, shop for and use your brand?

The US consumer and market has  transformed in the last few years driven by many factors:

  • The evolution of consumers, their values and influencers reshaping market dynamics.

  • COVID-19 lockdowns altering daily routines and consumption patterns.

  • Record inflation shifting brand and retail choices, with trading down, but also splurging.

  • Technological and digital advancements creating essential new journey touchpoints.

For business leaders to have just a basic understanding is not enough. You must be up to date, fully grasp, and then win every critical touchpoint in their journey with your brand to build loyalty, and long-term sales growth.

Companies that use journey maps

2 X  

Outperform Competitors

vs those that don’t use


Yet only 47% of companies effectively employ them.

Gartner study

Custmer journey map with multiple touchpoints

Consumer Experience Journeys:
Your Foundation for Successful Strategy & Investments 

Customer Experience Journey maps

detail what matters most

to your Consumers and Shoppers

across their full journey of using and buying your category.

… So You can …

Engage Your Target audiences

at their most Critical Decision-Making Touchpoints

with the Most Relevant and Compelling 

Experiences, Messages and Products 

that Grow Your Sales, ROI and long term Loyalty

Your Consumers' Journey is not linear.


Many potential paths and touch-points for your different target consumers.

CEJ touchpoints scramble_edited_edited.p

Khatanalytics Consulting Consumer Journey Learning Framework

Engineer Your Brand's Loyalty Loop

Apply scientific rigor to the art of consumer engagement.

CEJ framework w loyalty loop.png

Loyalty Loop:

When Consumers are "Triggered" to shop, they don't go through the full shopping journey, but immediately "decide" and buy the brand they trust and want

Brands that achieve this level of loyalty gain sales faster, for longer, and with higher ROI.

Khatanalytics' Consumer Experience Journey Learning Framework

identifies the critical touchpoints across your full journey that you must win to ultimately grow your loyalty loop.

Our Specialized Approach 

Our Proven Consumer Journey Learning Framework uncovers the key decision points of your consumer’s journey so you’re clear on how they shop, buy, and use your products.

Watch our 13-minute video on:

1 - Why Consumer Experience Journey learnings matter

2 - Our proven Learning Framework with 7 critical areas to focus on

3 - Best practice approaches for developing  insights & strategies to achieve your goals

Supercharge Growth by Unlocking Consumers' Experience Journeys | Khatanalytics Consulting
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