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About  Khatanalytics

We believe brands must focus as much, if not more, on retaining customers as on acquiring new ones.

This isn't just our perspective—it's rooted in market reality

Your 'Leaky Bucket' is costly:

3 new customers are required

to compensate for the loss of

1 existing one

Untapped Core Potential:

80% of value created by the world’s growth companies comes from their core business, primarily unlocking new revenues from existing customers

Source: McKinsey research

About Us: About

CMOs' Loyalty Hurdles: We Get It


Every phase of the consumer journey, from awareness to

purchase to advocacy, is directed by marketing.


This puts CMOs at the helm of consumer experience, molding not

just the brand's long-term identity but also driving immediate sales.


However, many lack current insights into crucial touchpoints across their consumers' complete interaction with their brand — touchpoints constantly shifting with evolving markets, technologies, and consumer tastes.


Often, they depend on outdated linear journey models that focus only on sales acquisition, overlooking the post-purchase phases where loyalty is fostered.

The Result?  

  • A leaky bucket and they don't know where the holes are.

  • $ Millions misallocated to ineffective touchpoints.

  • Compromised brand (and personal) reputation.


And for medium- to high-consideration categories, these

blind spots are very consequential.

Our Story

journey 1.png

Founder's Legacy:

Khatanalytics Consulting is founded by Uzma Khatana Rauf, a distinguished Insights  and Strategy leader with over two decades heading insight divisions of global Fortune 100 titans like Samsung, Unilever, and Nielsen (servicing Kraft).



Loyalty Insight:

From her extensive work on Consumer and Shopper Journeys across varied industries, Uzma discerned that loyalty is built or lost in every single consumer interaction. Aware that most brands struggle to pinpoint their consumers' crucial touchpoints, Uzma crafted a remedy.


Framework Excellence:

Khatanalytics' exclusive, proven Consumer Experience Journey Learning framework delivers precise, data-driven insights on every critical consumer touchpoint. Mastering this empowers brands to cement their loyalty loop, bolstering their sales and ROI.


Our Goal:

To empower Brands to  systematically Engineer Consumer Loyalty.


With our guidance, businesses will master consumer engagement, ensuring every interaction amplifies loyalty and accelerates sales. Together, we're building a future where loyalty isn't hoped for; it's meticulously and scientifically designed.

Samsung transparent.png
Unilever transparent.png
Nielsen transparent.png


Apply scientific rigor to the art of consumer engagement.

CEJ framework w loyalty loop.png

Loyalty Loop:

When Consumers are "Triggered" to shop, they don't go through the full shopping journey, but immediately "decide" and buy the brand they trust and want

Brands that achieve this level of loyalty gain sales faster, for longer, and with higher ROI.

Khatanalytics' Consumer Experience Journey Learning Framework

identifies the critical touchpoints across your full journey that you must win to ultimately grow your loyalty loop.

Our Commitment to Your Success

Each client engagement is a priority mission for us. We are dedicated to bespoke, collaborative partnerships meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs.


Empowering Your Success:

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Achieve Your Strategic Vision:

Craft transformative cross-functional strategies that grow your sales, loyalty and market leadership with cutting-edge insights on your ever-evolving consumer journeys.

Leverage Proven Expertise:

Draw on 20+ years of Fortune 100 success with our elite team who’s been in your seat and empowered high ROI decisions with research tailored to strategic goals.

Fast-Track Your Success:

Meet market demands swiftly with our proprietary learning frameworks, processes and modern techniques including agile research platforms, data visualization, and AI.

Effortless, Collaborative Partnership:

Enjoy top-tier, cost-effective, end-to-end solutions with a strategic thought partner and skilled researchers, analysts and storytellers seamlessly integrated into your team.

Engineer Your Loyalty.

Your brand's consumer journey only ends if you let it.

Our Exceptional Team

Our fun, collaborative team of consultants each have 20+ years of in-depth expertise in numerous research and analytical approaches from working at renowned global, Fortune 100 companies.

You get the best team for your project's needs, providing you precise expertise, strong collaboration, and complete dedication to your success

Uzma w logos (2).png

Uzma Khatana Rauf

CEO & Founder

Uzma is an accomplished business insights, analytics & strategy executive with diverse industry experience:

  • Samsung Electronics - VP Consumer, Shopper & Market Insights & Analytics 

  • Unilever - Head of Information Management, Strategic Pricing Analytics and Shopper Insights

  • Nielsen - VP Nielsen Custom Analytics & led Client Service team for Kraft Snacks

Most recently Samsung VP of Consumer, Shopper & Market Insights & Analytics, her team delivered 120+ projects for ~$30 Billion enterprise to achieve critical goals. They partnered with C-Suite, cross functional teams & retail customers to build high ROI strategies.

Uzma's expertise is in planning, thought leadership and strategic, customer journey analysis. She proficiently takes disparate information, cuts through complexity to identify growth strategies.  She's extra passionate on retail and shoppers and how to better convert them in our evolving, omnichannel (physical ⇄ digital) world.

Uzma profile

Our Clients' Testimonials


"Uzma (Khatanalytics' Founder) is an outstanding leader and expert in gathering meaningful insights that drive critical business decisions and strategies.
She is an excellent collaborator and thoughtful planning partner.
Her knowledge of contemporary research techniques and their appropriate application is current and second to none.
She is an excellent presenter and very effective engaging with senior executives at large customers."

Samsung Electronics, GM & SVP Home Appliances

"Uzma partnered with Unilever's Sales leaders to design detailed learning roadmaps that supported sales goals and provided a robust pipeline of insights to advantage the UL team with retailers.
The resulting insights gained recognition by Customers that UL shared actionable thought leadership and enhanced Joint Business Plans."

Unilever, Senior Director Consumer & Customer Insights


"Uzma and her team are best in class. With her diverse business experiences, she is a quick study, and wastes no time - jumping right in to help solve issues. 
She has been instrumental in tackling challenging and complex business questions, applying her strategic leadership and creativity to help come up with solutions and implementing into action."

Nielsen Client, Post Foods - VP Consumer & Market Insights


"Uzma and her expert team guided us to determine the best research approach in understanding Consumers' perspective in a new market and delivered "mind-blowing" new insights.
In addition to research and analytical services, she brings strong business consultancy from her executive experiences to help us clarify goals and hone in on "problems to solve" and "decisions to make" which translate research findings into tangible actions."

Samsung Electronics, SmartThings Strategy Lead
[Khatanalytics' Client]

"Uzma helped redesign our Strategy, Structure and Ways of Working for new commercially focused Data Analytics and Insights Teams.  
Her super-powers include deep listening and synthesizing large amounts of disparate and complex data into clearly articulated summaries.  
Uzma's excellent work has made a lasting and very positive impact across our Teams and therefore, am providing the highest of recommendations."

Church & Dwight,
Chief Commercial Officer
[Khatanalytics' Client]

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