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Brand and capability building are often overlooked as strong business KPIs

To achieve strong business ROI, it is critical to get the right evaluation metrics established upfront. This helps ensure investments drive planned outcomes and enables ability to course correct as needed.

However, research by the CMO Survey in report by HBR (Apr’22), found clear imbalances in metrics being used in organizations: “The most used [metrics] were campaign and sales/satisfaction metrics. Brand-related and capability metrics were very infrequently measured by marketing teams.

While Sales is of course the lifeblood of any business and must rank very high (their data showed ~80% of studied organizations use this metric), but having metrics for brand equity and capability building be so low (under 10%), really undervalues the impact marketing can and does play towards driving the business.

One cause of this metric discrepancy is determining how to get the right “attribution” of the impact a function has on the total business. In my own work leading marketing research teams, demonstrating our ROI impact was often a challenge, as we can't take credit, for example, for the full sales performance of a new product launch, even though we provided critical insights towards its success.

HBR notes:

“To provide a full view of marketing’s impact, we must include all roles and contributions:
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing’s campaigns,

  • the role of marketing programs in driving sales and satisfaction,

  • the value of the brand and capabilities, and

  • the impact of marketing-related activities in other functions.”

They share a roadmap with sample metrics for critical cross-functional activities to help the C-Suite recognize the value each team brings towards overall business results.

Have you established meaningful metrics for all relevant functions to drive your business?


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