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How Apple's iPhone transformed the world

Apple’s iPhone, launched 15 years ago (Jun 29, 2007), has transformed the world – how they evolved it to become our world in our pocket gives us great benefits but also has had unplanned consequences.

In January 2021, Tim Cook shared, “there are now more than 1 billion active iPhones” clearly demonstrating its continued success and longevity with Consumers. It is one of the most loved brands with very high levels of loyalty to the phone but also the Apple ecosystem.

The Wall Street Journal (7/1/22) shares how Apple evolved their phone over time, with true breakthrough innovation, including:

App Store: This came on the heels of the first iPhone and “can actually be credited with changing the world… That was when Apple let others in.”

Camera: “’Why would you carry a second camera if your phone is the device you’re gonna always carry with you?’ Mr. Joswiak (Apple's SVP Worldwide marketing) said. From the outset, ever-improving photography was part of Apple’s program”

Face Time: “grew to be an important medium for communication, made all the more valuable during the global Covid-19 pandemic”

Larger screens & other innovative features: Samsung Electronics came out with the first large phone (Galaxy Note, with a 5.3-inch screen). “Apple underestimated the demand for larger displays” and claimed Samsung had “ripped off our technology” suing Samsung for patent infringement, winning millions. Samsung said it has pioneered many mobile-industry firsts which Apple later added, e.g., large OLED displays, water- and dust-resistance, wireless charging.

All these innovations resulted in “a powerful computer in our hands that was harder than ever to put down. And social-media companies developed algorithms to send us content and notifications to keep us hooked. That wasn’t part of the 2007 vision.

"It’s hard to disagree that the iPhone is a powerful instrument for work, education, communication and entertainment. ‘But at the same we want to help people with the fact that there’s moderation needed,’ Mr. Joswiak said. ‘Sometimes that does mean you have to temper how much you use it.’”

Apple’s goal, driven by Steve Jobs, has been to the best device possible; seems they didn’t realize the world changing impact it would have.


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