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GenZ continues to fascinate marketers who are cautious of getting it wrong with them.

This future consumer is likely the largest global cohort, at over 2 billion people, with an estimated $360 billion in spending power, and more in influencing power (if you are a parent of one, you know what I mean!)

Edelman's Nov’21 survey highlights importance of TRUST for GenZ and that "What we think we know about Gen Z’s world doesn’t reflect reality".

They break down earning GenZ’s trust into 3 areas:


7 in 10 want safety security in every aspect of their lives from the physical to the emotional, financial, social, and educational

7 in 10 will fact check what you say. Their top trusted media source is YouTube (TikTok is 5th)

Marketing to them:

§ Consider basic needs vs. aspirational experiences

§ Deliver on safety through every aspect of their lives

§ Transparency needs to be discoverable — Gen Z looks for truth


People they trust the most are those that take care of others

8 in 10 said a brand’s treatment of employees was a critical or important purchase decision factor

Marketing to them:

§ Focus on real people & creators vs. inaccessible personalities

§ Substance is the new sizzle

§ Take care of your people – Gen Z is watching


Gen Z is not radical; 70% are involved in a social or political cause, with unity as the new activism.

63% say they will only buy brands which stand with them on issues (vs 48% of general population)

Marketing to them:

§ Trust is about “we” vs. “me”

§ Emphasize global values vs. hyperlocal actions

§ Harness Gen Z’s definition of activism by bringing them together”

Brands need to reflect the sentiments of Gen Z consumers in their marketing. They are not the typical marketing profile, so marketing to them needs to be as unique as they are.

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