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Customers want personalized experienced – how well are you delivering this?

Personalization is critical to grow sales and build long term loyalty.

McKinsey Nov’21 report notes

"71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions.
76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen".

Consumers associate Personalization with positive experiences of being made to feel special.

"72% (of consumers) said they expect the businesses they buy from to recognize them as individuals and know their interests. They respond positively when brands demonstrate their investment in the relationship, not just the transaction. Thoughtful touchpoints such as checking in post-purchase, sending a how-to video or asking consumers to write a review generate positive brand perceptions".

Personalization needs to be an organization-wide opportunity, not just a marketing one, focused on long-term drivers of growth and customer lifetime value.

McKinsey shares data on which types of personalization are most important to customers.

Hope you find some good ideas on personalization and creating a 1-1 dialogue towards building loyalty!


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