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Restoring TRUST is key to societal stability — business expected to lead this

Almost 1 in 2 people globally consider government and media as “a dividing force in society”, while businesses and NGOs as more “unifying”

based on new Edelman Trust Barometer (Nov’21 survey)

In general, there is lower “Trust” vs last year globally, particularly with governments and media (especially social). Concerns with "fake news" are at all time high. Businesses (particularly employers) are trusted more and expected to step up, but must demonstrate alignment to people’s beliefs and values.

Overall Trust in US is lower than most other countries.

Some interesting data points from the global study:

◊ “Distrust is the default

§ 59% believe “my tendency is to distrust until I see evidence that something is trustworthy”

Societal leaders not trusted

§ 42% trust government leaders, 46% journalists, while 75% trust scientists, 74% their own co-workers

More convinced we’re being lied to by societal leaders

§ 67% believe journalists & reporters “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations”, up +8pts vs last year; similar to “my country’s govt leaders” 66% (+9pts), “business leaders” 63% (+7%)

Societal fears on the rise

§ 85% worry about job loss, 75% about climate change, 57% experiencing prejudice or racism

Businesses are accountable

§ “Based on their beliefs and values”… 58% will buy or advocate for brands, 60% choose a place to work and 64% invest

CEOs expected to be the face of change; expected to inform policy, not politics

Information quality now most powerful trust builder across institutions”


◊ Business societal role is here to stay

◊ Demonstrate tangible progress

◊ Leadership must focus on long-term thinking

◊ Every institution must provide trustworthy information”


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