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Selling Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) — 5 Brand Opportunity Areas

Updated: Jan 22

The pandemic accelerated digital sales with brands increasing their focus on selling Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) vs just through retailer channels.

While DTC offers numerous benefits, there are many critical areas to manage to succeed.

Here we’ll review from your “Shoppers” perspective, what they need and expect when on your Brand's DTC site, so you know what to prioritize to grow your sales, loyalty and ROI.

Hi! I'm Uzma Rauf, founder of Khatanalytics... having been Samsung's VP of Insights and Unilever’s head of Shopper Insights, I'll share my perspectives on “considered categories” for both CPG and Consumer Electronics. (We’ll cover DTC online, not physical brand stores).

5 Opportunity areas for brands to grow DTC sales:

Review my presentation below that includes great research data from McKinsey and PWC.

Brands: Selling direct to consumers certainly has upside, but requires investment


  1. Improved sales and market share

  2. Higher margins

  3. Expanded customer base

  4. Strengthened loyalty with personalization

To Succeed, Brands Must:

  1. Deliver on the role Shoppers expect DTC site to play in their full journey

  2. Ensure compelling, easily navigable experience from inspiration to transaction to delivery

  3. Showcase differentiated products & competitive prices

  4. Incentivize teams and manage channel conflict

Not sure how shoppers are engaging with your website?

Reach out to discuss what you may need to optimize for success!

Want a copy of the presentation? download it here!

Direct to Consumer (DTC) — 5 Brand Opportunities - Khatanalytics Consulting Dec 2023 [PPT
Download • 2.10MB


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