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How well does your Brand Experience stand out?

Although many companies claim to prioritize the customer experience, not all customers may feel that this is the case. So, what sets a brand's experience apart?

According to research by Deloitte and YouGov (WSJ, Nov’22),

"memorable brand interactions" can significantly impact a company.

They provide five strategies that brands can consider to achieve this:

✨ 1. Foster trust and adventure in new experiences: Customers are more likely to remember and enjoy trying something new if they feel safe and had fun.

📱 2. Create a seamless online and offline experience: Don't just replicate one in the other, but find ways to merge the best of both worlds to create something truly unique.

💌 3. Show empathy in tough times: When customers are facing challenges, demonstrate that you care by taking some of the burden off their shoulders.

🌍 4. Prove your commitment to sustainability: Don't just talk about your values, but take action to instigate change through your products and services.

💲 5. Use price as an element of surprise and delight (e.g., surprise discount after purchase). Price can be an emotional as well as rational factor in purchasing decisions.

To stand out, Brands need to overdeliver in their relationships.

Start with a strong understanding of your customer and their journey to create unique engagement strategies to make your brand memorable and beloved.

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