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Consumer Research Consulting

Engineer your brand loyalty.

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We build research-informed consumer journey roadmaps that help global brands generate lifetime users, not just one-time buyers.

Helping big brands
hit big targets.

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Consumer expectations
have changed.

Brand loyalty
is declining.

Over 30% of all consumers have stopped buying familiar brands.
Almost 40% are switching to competitors.
These trends are even stronger among Gen Z¹. 

This overall downward trajectory poses a threat to market leaders, and presents an opportunity for their competitors.




I uncover things that attract me and make me loyal to a brand

after my first purchase 2

Loyalty Loops

automate growth.

It takes 3-5 purchases to turn a customer into a loyalist³.

We make those purchases happen sooner by using tailored consumer research strategies to generate Loyalty Loops - gearing each touchpoint toward richer experiences, deeper trust, and greater brand equity.

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True equity is built

Declining loyalty means that although new customers are up for grabs - retaining them is more critical than ever.


"Khatanalytics are experts in gathering meaningful insights that drive critical business decisions and strategies."


GM & SVP Samsung Home Appliances

The consumer journey
only ends if you let it.

Typical consumer journey models don’t look beyond the
initial purchase.

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Focusing on the shopping process alone limits your ability to understand, influence, and retain your consumers

With us, each touchpoint guides your consumer into a Loyalty Loop

By gathering crucial insights across all touchpoints throughout the full consumer journey, we enable brands to boost retention and automate growth.

Our process, simplified.

Ask the

right questions


We get clear on the objectives of the relevant teams, as well as the larger business goals, and design the research project to meet them.

Find the

right answers


We conduct comprehensive consumer research to determine which touchpoints lead to key buying decisions. 

Turn the answers into insights


We analyze the psychology behind each key touchpoint to determine how & why your customers shop, buy, and use your products.

Make the insights actionable


No data dumps here.

Instead, you get a step-by-step plan to optimize your consumer journey and reliably guide your buyers into your Loyalty Loop, growing your ROI and sales.

"Uzma and her team are best in class. 
She has been instrumental in tackling challenging and complex business questions, applying her strategic leadership and creativity to help come up with solutions and implementing into action"


Nielsen Client, Post Foods - VP Consumer & Market Insights



Here's how:

  • 60 Qualitative in-home ethnographies

  • 32 Retail shop-alongs with eye tracking

  • 60 Website user experience evaluations

  • Quantitative survey with 3,000 respondents

  • Sales Reps interviews in store

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Our 3 levels of service.

We offer progressive levels of insight engagement with our tiered service options. Our goal in every one of these is to support you in successfully achieving your business goals.





Identify untapped learning opportunities through a detailed evaluation of your current research against your goals.


We'll deliver a bespoke, budget-aligned research plan to advance your learning, tied to your goals.


Targeted Insight



Illuminate priority facets of your consumer's journey or evaluate concepts and strategies through targeted research. 


You'll get precise insights to craft sharper, more effective Go-To-Market strategies for specific touchpoints.

Comprehensive Journey Analysis:


Delve into your target consumer's end-to-end journey with our in-depth research, pinpointing critical touchpoints and their strategic impact.


You'll gain transformative insights and strategic cross-functional approaches to boost your ROI, loyalty, and sales.

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