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Your strategic 

research partner for business success

Khatanalytics (Katana-lytics)  is a

consumer, shopper and market research

and strategy end-to-end consultancy offering 

Fortune 100 expertise, tailored to your specific business needs

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Gain Your Competitive Advantage by Unlocking Your Consumers' Journey

Khatanalytics' provides you critical insights across your Consumers' & Shoppers' experience journeys, to help you develop winning, customer-centric strategies.

With over 20 years of experience and proven approaches from Fortune 100 companies, our team at Khatanalytics is equipped to help your business grow. We bring a diverse range of industry knowledge and a track record of success, ready to guide you to grow your business to new heights.

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Rich Expertise, Tailored to Your Needs

Industry-Leading Approaches

  • Our consultative approach ensures your organization -wide learning needs get addressed. 

  • We identify the right research questions to answer by deeply understanding your goals and challenges.

  • We use our proven frameworks to create learning plans that help you achieve your goals.

  • We aspire to be your trusted partner.

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Diverse Breadth of Capabilities

  • Our diverse experiences – industries, categories, companies, capabilities – enables us to proficiently support your complex business needs.

  • We specialize in Consumer & Shopper Journeys. We complement with learning on trends, branding, targeting, digital and more.

  • We apply the best research  techniques – qualitative, quantitative, syndicated – to answer your questions.

  • You get perceptive insights for high ROI strategies.



  • We help you make winning decisions with confidence —particularly which consumer and shopper touch points to invest in across their journey. 

  • Your cross-functional teams get customized learning to build their Go-To-Market strategies.

  • You get high return on your investment in research and strategy building.

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Insights Power Winning Companies

"Winning" Companies have critical Insight building practices. They...

3 X

Test with Consumers 

ideas, concepts, prototypes, and launched products at multiple points of development journey

(60% of winners do vs others 22%)

2.5 X

Use Shopper Insights

(trip missions, basket composition) to develop revenue growth management (RGM) strategies

(50% of winners do vs others 21%)

+ 30%

Higher ROI with Insights

Stronger sales per Marketing $ spent using data-driven insights to deliver right message through right channel at right time  (% vs others)

Source: McKinsey's Commercial Excellence Benchmarking Survey 

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Our Comprehensive Insight-solutions Help You Build Winning Strategies

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We help you plan the Insights you need to achieve your goals. We then help you get the work done

Plan your strategic insight & analytic needs & team

  • Design learning plans & roadmaps - defining the data, insights and analytics you need to achieve your short- to long-term cross-functional business goals.

  • Develop comprehensive project research briefs tied to your goals.

  • Recommend your Insights team organizational design.

Conduct end-to-end complex research studies

  • Specialized in Consumer and Shopper Journeys.

  • Answer your complex questions through multi-phase research projects: from defining right questions to address to designing and doing research to providing you break-through insights and strategies.

Illuminate new insights & macro trends

  • Understand how broader trends impact your consumer for long-term strategies that grow your business.

  • Analyze and synthesize your masses of existing data & research reports to build compelling new insights & strategies.

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Our Exceptional Team

Our fun, collaborative team of consultants each have 20+ years in-depth expertise in a variety of research and analytical approaches from working at renowned global, Fortune 100 companies.

You get the best team, with expertise aligned to your specific project's needs.

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Uzma is an outstanding leader and expert in gathering meaningful insights that drive critical business decisions and strategies.
She is an excellent collaborator and thoughtful planning partner.
Her knowledge of contemporary research techniques and their appropriate application is current and second to none.
She is an excellent presenter and very effective engaging with senior executives at large customers.

Samsung Electronics, GM & SVP Home Appliances

Uzma partnered with Unilever's Sales leaders to design thoughtful learning roadmaps that supported sales goals and provided a robust pipeline of insights to advantage the UL team with retailers.
The resulting insights gained recognition by Customers that UL shared actionable thought leadership and enhanced Joint Business Plans.

Unilever, Senior Director Consumer & Customer Insights

Uzma and her team are best in class. With her diverse business experiences, she is a quick study, and wastes no time - jumping right in to help solve issues. 
She has been instrumental in tackling challenging and complex business questions, applying her strategic leadership and creativity to help come up with solutions and implementing into action.

Nielsen Client, Post Foods - VP Consumer & Market Insights

Samsung SmartThings - edit_edited_edited.jpg
Fortune 500 logo.png

Uzma and her expert team guided us to determine the best research approach in understanding a new market.
In addition to research and analytical services, she brings in business consultancy from her executive experiences to help us clarify goals and hone in on "problems to solve" and "decisions to make" which translates research findings into actions.

Samsung Electronics, SmartThings Strategy Lead
[Khatanalytics' Client]

Uzma helped redesign our Strategy, Structure and Ways of Working for new commercially focused Data Analytics and Insights Teams.  
Her super-powers include deep listening and synthesizing large amounts of disparate and complex data into clearly articulated summaries.  
Uzma's excellent work has made a lasting and very positive impact across our Teams and therefore, am providing the highest of recommendations.

Fortune 500 CPG company,

Chief Commercial Officer

[Khatanalytics' Client]

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