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Path to Purchase Study

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Case Study




Samsung Electronics is a global leader in technology and electronics, selling Smartphones, TVs, Smart Devices, Home Appliances and more.

The USA  is a top region, where local teams build and execute Go-To-Market strategies to drive sales.



Samsung had newly launched Home Appliances in the USA, with ambition to become the market leader. A new GM was hired who commissioned research to gain deep understanding of changing shopper journeys for strategic growth planning. 


Our comprehensive research yielded new insights that elevated cross-functional and retailer strategies. Executing these drove stronger shopper engagement and brand preference, catapulting Samsung to #1 HA brand in USA.


Insights ultimately drove huge business impact for Samsung:

$1B to $4B

Samsung Home Appliance sales growth in 5 years

#1 Brand

Rank achieved in US Home Appliances in 2020

#1 JBP Partner

Insights strengthened Retailer partnerships, resulting in lead JBP roles at Lowe’s &  Home Depot.



The Home Appliances industry was transforming, as established brands (like GE, Kenmore) were perceived as old, and new Asian entrants brought advanced technologies (e.g., smart) and design.

Further, digital advancement was empowering new shopper behaviors. Stark variation in younger vs older and tech- vs non-tech savvy buyers needed delving into for higher ROI targeting.

New insights on consumers needs, pain points, behaviors, influencers & full journey paths were required.

Samsung Home Appliance GM: 

“We must map our investment by journey stage & determine what to do differently to reach them [shoppers] better”




Based on detailed discussions with cross-functional stakeholders on goals, planned actions, and critical questions to answer, we designed and executed robust, iterative multi-stage research.


We delved into all digital & physical touchpoints for 3 categories using creative and detailed approaches:

  • 60 Qualitative in-home ethnographies

  • 32 Retail shop-alongs with eye tracking

  • 60 Website user experience evaluations

  • Quantitative survey with 3,000 respondents

  • Sales Reps interviews in store

eye tracking - Tobii glasses.png

Source: Tobii Pro – eye tracking Heat maps (sample)


​After in-depth analysis of all research, we delivered critical insights and recommended strategies for cross-functional teams that had transformative business impact.

Our insights and actions taken include:

  • We determined that not all shoppers are alike, with 3 distinct types and 4 unique journey phases. Each category had nuanced differences in how people shopped it

➥  Revamped targeting and engagement approaches for each journey phase by category, growing conversion​

  • Found over 17 touchpoints used in the journey, that differed by target groups, with digital & physical intertwining

➥  Upgraded online and in-store content and communication to better engage target shoppers

  • Identified brand choice drivers, e.g., value, reliability, design

➥  Enriched marketing comms and informed product R&D

  • Determined retailer choice drivers like deals, warranty, delivery

➥  Influenced retail layouts, messaging and sales training

HA P2P - with sales rep D3 4_edited.jpg
HA P2P - broken fridge issue D3 1_edited
HA P2P - online search D3 2_edited.jpg
HA P2P - seeing in store D3 1_edited.jpg

Lowe’s Merchandising VP: 

“Insights you bring elevate our JBP process towards achieving our mutual growth objectives”

Grow your sales and brand loyalty leveraging comprehensive strategic consumer journey Insights 

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